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H&S Leadership consulting, LLC works to develop building and district leaders so they can create and leverage systems that are efficient, practical and repeatable to support school improvement efforts.   H&S has a clear focus on using research based tools and practices that support increased academic growth and achievement for students while increasing staff satisfaction, reducing staff turnover and improving work/life balance.   


At H&S we strive to provide customized, school specific support at a reasonable cost.  We know every school has different needs and do not provide a canned or one size fits all solution.


H&S does not rely on proprietary tools, assessments or curricula.  Our coaching and support focuses on leadership using any of the tools your school or district uses already. We teach leaders how to work quickly and efficiently within their current context, leading to accelerated learning and solid decision making. The goal of H&S Leadership Consulting is to spend a defined amount of time with school leaders and leave them with the tools, understanding, skills and habits to continue the work after we are gone.  Our misson is to provide cost effective, long term solutions that increase the capacity of building leaders to master and then  continue change efforts independently.


School Improvement

A Comprehensive Approach

Leadership Coaching

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12165 Windy Trail Lane

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