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Current Clients

Clients making strong progress with H&S Leadership

The following clients represent a portion of our current client base.  

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RiseUp! Community School Denver, CO

An Alternative Center for Education Charter School

RiseUp! serves a community of students who have struggled at typical comprehensive high schools in the district.  Most students come to this school significantly behind in skills as well as credits.  In a year and a half of support through H&S Leadership the school has moved from the rating of Priority Improvement (the State's 2nd lowest rating) to Performance (The State's highest).  RiseUp! was also one of 21 schools recognized by Governor Polis with the "Bright Spot" award for demonstrating excellence and the ability to advance learning through challenging times.

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Casey Middle School Boulder, CO

A middle school working to improve outcomes for students

H&S is supporting the new building leader in their effort to improve student outcomes.  Casey Middle school is one of the most diverse campuses in the district and achievemnt has lagged behind other schools.  Our support focus has been looking at the systems and structures of the building to ensure vertical alignment and a systematic approach to instruction.

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Virginia Court Elementary Aurora, CO

An elementary school adapting to massive change while improving student outcomes

Virginia Court Elementary has experienced a great deal of change while trying to reimagine school post pandemic.  The student and staff population doubled last year due to a school consolidation and the school had a full building remodel.  H&S is supporting building leadership with change management while supporting the implementaion of a new literacy curriculum and a systematic application of the Science of Reading for all students.

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Karen I., Principal

The result of our coaching is that our school has a clear path to success where all the outside noise is quieted and we can focus on the task at hand.

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