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H&S Leadership Consulting, LLC approaches the school improvement process with each individual school in mind.  Whether the school is facing sanctions or just not reaching its full potential we can support leaders to improve student outcomes, improve community engagement, and build a healthy culture. Our work typically involves a data review with building leadership and a school visit to examine current practices.  During this process we assess, with building leadership, what areas will yield the most progress towards goals.  H&S then works with leadership to establish a plan using structural tension charts and timely remote coaching  between school visits to help build more efficient and effective habits and practices.  Regular school visits and classroom walkthroughs will track progress and assess any course corrections that may need to happen.

Through this process, building leaders will develop practices and habits that lead to higher student growth, achievement and staff satisfaction.  Just as important, this targeted work and support leads to more manageable work weeks and better work/life balance.

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